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The Metal Store is one of the leading online aluminium suppliers in the UK. We provide our customers with a wide range of aluminium metals varying in grade, width, thickness and length.

Aluminium is known for its shiny finish, resembling silver, both in its visual appearance and colour, and in its ability to reflect light.

What is Aluminium used for?

Aluminium is one of the most commonly utilised metals in the world, second only to steel. We can find it used around us as we go about our daily lives – in household items, technology and mobile devices, transportation, machinery and construction.

What makes Aluminium so popular?

Aluminium may be all around us, but what is it that makes it so popular? This question can be answered by looking to its natural properties.

It is lighter than almost every other metal in the world, yet still manages to strike a balance between malleability and strength. Its strength to weight ratio is considered superior to the same ratio for steel. It’s this balance makes it an incredibly useful and versatile material.

Aluminium also has an extraordinary affinity with oxygen, so when it is exposed to the air it develops a thin, hard layer of aluminium oxide. This aluminium oxidation makes it incredibly corrosion-resistant, adding further to its popularity.

The resistance and durability can be improved further through the finishing process, for example by anodising or painting the aluminium.

Our Aluminium metal ranges

We stock a wide range of aluminium metal products ranging in size and grade.

The Aluminium grades we stock are 1050, 6082, 5754, and our full product rangeconsists of the following:

- Aluminium Angle (6082)
- Aluminium Box Section (6082)
- Aluminium Flat Bar (6082)
- Aluminium Round Bar (6082)
- Aluminium Square Bar (6082)
- Aluminium Tube (6082)
- Aluminium T-Section (6082)
- Aluminium Sheet Metal (1050)
- Aluminium Checker Plate (5754)

Each of the above products can be purchased in a range of standard widths, heights, thicknesses and lengths. Simply select the appropriate aluminium metal product above to see what we can offer.

Buying Aluminium from The Metal Store

Explore our full aluminium metal range online. Our full range can be ordered for delivery or collection. You can also call our sales team on 01274 875479 or email us on [email protected]

Cut your aluminium to size

We also offer a cutting service with UNLIMITED FREE cuts per aluminium length or sheet. There’s no minimum spend, there’s less waste, and you get exactly what you need. If using this cutting service, please allow 5mm per cut for the saw blade.

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