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The Metal Store now stocks a number of scaffold fittings and tube for use on site or furniture. Each fitting is offered in Pressed Steel or Drop Forged Steel. Pressed Steel is cold pressed into shape from a single piece of material and drop forged steel is formed using heat. The difference is that drop forging leaves the centre of the metal not as hard as the outside, but press forging gives more uniform hardness for larger components.
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(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Drop Forged Double CouplerDrop Forged Double Coupler
£3.24 ex VAT, £3.89 inc VAT
0.96 kg£3.24£3.89
Drop Forged Swivel CouplerDrop Forged Swivel Coupler
£4.10 ex VAT, £4.92 inc VAT
1.1 kg£4.10£4.92
Drop Forged Wrapover CouplerDrop Forged Wrapover Coupler
£3.36 ex VAT, £4.03 inc VAT
0.65 kg£3.36£4.03
Pressed Steel Double CouplerPressed Steel Double Coupler
£3.22 ex VAT, £3.86 inc VAT
0.84 kg£3.22£3.86
Pressed Steel Swivel CouplerPressed Steel Swivel Coupler
£3.96 ex VAT, £4.75 inc VAT
0.99 kg£3.96£4.75
Pressed Steel Wrapover CouplerPressed Steel Wrapover Coupler
£2.00 ex VAT, £2.40 inc VAT
0.54 kg£2.00£2.40
Pressed Steel Sleeve CouplerPressed Steel Sleeve Coupler
£3.90 ex VAT, £4.68 inc VAT
1.03 kg£3.90£4.68
Pressed Steel Joint PinPressed Steel Joint Pin
£3.46 ex VAT, £4.15 inc VAT
0.71 kg£3.46£4.15
Pressed Steel Base PlatePressed Steel Base Plate
£1.58 ex VAT, £1.90 inc VAT
0.39 kg£1.58£1.90
Base JackBase Jack
£13.52 ex VAT, £16.22 inc VAT
3.85 kg£13.52£16.22

The Metal Store is one of the leading online suppliers of scaffolding tube in the UK.

What are scaffolding fittings and what are they used for

Scaffolding fittings, often referred to as scaffolding joints, scaffolding components and scaffolding connectors are used to join scaffolding tubes, creating a stable and reliable structure. Because scaffold fittings help to support the weight and pressure of the scaffold structure, it’s important to ensure you select the correct fittings for the structure you’re putting in place. Doing so will decrease the possibility of your structure swaying collapsing or snapping.

There are various types of scaffold fittings to choose from for your desired project. These fittings serve different purposes, therefore it can be challenging to decide on what’s right for you. Our online guides and expert team are here to help you choose the appropriate fittings for the job to create the correct structure. Fittings include; single, double, wrapover and pressed steel couplers are used for this.

Scaffolding fitting range and industry standards

The Metal Store now stocks a number of scaffold connectors for use on-site or with furniture. Each fitting is offered in Pressed or Drop Forged Steel. Our range of scaffolding fittings and descriptions are listed here:

Double Coupler

The Metal Stores Double Coupler is a heavy duty forging with large rivet design used to connect two scaffold tubes at a 90 degree angle. It Features a solid body construction for cruciform stiffness. This fitting has been tested to EN74 Class B and has a slip resistence of 15 kN & Failure load of 30 kN. This fitting is available in two options, Drop Forged and Pressed Steel.

Swivel Coupler

Our Swivel Couplers are designed to connect two 48.3mm scaffold tubes at any angle and can be used with all types of scaffold. This fitting is mostly used when diagonal bracing is required. Also commonly used with guard rails, lighting rigs and staging. These fittings are available in Drop Forged and Pressed Steel and have been tested to EN74 Standards

Wrapover Coupler

The Wrapover Coupler, also known as a Putlog, is a heavy duty fitting designed to secure transoms (board supports) or Putlogs to ledgers, connecting two 48.3mm tubes at right angles. This fitting can also be used in lighting, rigs, staging and guard rails.This fitting is Not designed to be load bearing. Our Wrapover Coupler is tested to BS1139-2.2 and has a slip resistence of 1.02 kN along the transom. This fitting is available in Drop Forged or Pressed Steel.

Pressed Steel Sleeve Coupler

The Pressed Steel Sleeve Coupler is designed to connect end to end joints on standards, ledgers or bracing. It's wide range of adjustability means it is also possible to fit various sizes. As with all of our scaffolding fittings, they conform to EN74 which is the most recent British Standards.

Pressed Steel Joint Pin

The Metal Store's Pressed Steel Joint Pin is a heavy duty pressing, designed to connect two 48.3mm scaffold tubes end on end. This fitting has a longer body to allow for bending resistance. It can be used with all types of scaffolding, guard rails, staging and also light rigs. Our Joint Pins conform to BS1139-2

Pressed Steel Base Plate

Our Pressed Steel Base Plate is designed for use with lightly loaded applications, this is an economy type of base plate intended to provide a weight bearing flat surface to permit even load distribution of scaffold standards. It is manufactured from carbon steel to the very latest British Standards.

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Need other scaffolding products to complete your project?

The Metal Store now has a wide range of scaffolding products so you can get everything you need in one place. We stock varying lengths of scaffolding tube and scaffold boards , plus a range of scaffolding accessories including debris nets, sleeves, toggle ties and metal board ends.

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