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Description Weight Price
(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Scaffold Ladder Gates - 1.02m x 0.57m Scaffold Ladder Gates - 1.02m x 0.57m
£35.52 ex VAT
£42.62 inc VAT
9.0 kg £35.52 £42.62
Ladder Trap Door Ladder Trap Door
£40.00 ex VAT
£48.00 inc VAT
8.0 kg £40.00 £48.00
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Scaffold ladder gates - 1.02m x 0.57m

Our scaffold ladder gates are designed for optimal safety and visibility. Each gate is meticulously electroplated and then given a powder coated finish in a vibrant yellow to ensure durability, high visibility and corrosion protection.

These gates are spring-loaded to comply with health and safety standards, offering integral toeboard protection and the flexibility to be hung from either the left or right side. Ensure secure access and safety on your construction site with our top-quality scaffold ladder access gates.

Ladder trap door

Our ladder trap door is engineered with precision for safety and a seamless user experience. Designed to offer a flush-fit finish, our ladder trap door minimises trip hazards and is finished in a striking red for easy identification of access points. Enhance the safety and functionality of your scaffolding system with our ladder trap door.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a scaffold ladder gate?

A scaffold ladder gate, or ladder access gate, is a crucial safety feature designed to secure the entry points to scaffolding structures and to prevent falls. These gates are spring-loaded to ensure they close automatically, providing a continuous barrier against fall risks. They are an essential component for maintaining safety standards in construction, renovation and industrial projects.

How is a ladder trap door used?

A ladder trap door is integrated into the scaffolding platform to provide safe and secure access through the scaffolding. It operates vertically, offering a sturdy and reliable solution to access different levels of a scaffold structure safely. Our ladder trap doors are designed for ease of use and to minimise potential trip hazards, ensuring a safer work environment.

Can scaffold ladder gates and ladder trap doors be used outdoors?

Absolutely. Both our scaffold ladder access gates and ladder trap doors are constructed from materials that withstand harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Their durability and resistance to elements like high winds, rain and snow make them an ideal choice for any construction or renovation project.

How do you maintain scaffold ladder gates and ladder trap doors?

Maintaining these safety features involves regular inspections to ensure they function correctly and remain in good condition. Check for any signs of wear and tear, ensure that gates and doors close securely, and that all moving parts are intact. Occasional lubrication and cleaning of moving parts can extend their lifespan and maintain their functionality.

Do these products comply with UK safety standards?

Yes, our Scaffold Ladder Access Gates and Ladder Trap Doors are designed to meet UK safety standards. By choosing our products, you ensure compliance with regulations set by health and safety bodies, including the Health and Safety Executive. This commitment to safety helps create a secure environment for workers and pedestrians alike in ladder access areas, preventing falls and enhancing overall site safety.

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