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The Interclamp FRP / GRP range is only available in size D50

The Interclamp FRP / GRP range is designed for both more demanding applications and general handrailing (as a quick and easy chip-resistant alternative to powder coated structures). The robust, impact-resistant material will naturally not corrode, is non-sparking and can cope with a very wide range of chemicals, so it is frequently found in water treatment facilities, chemical processing plants, marine and offshore applications and specialist manufacturing sites, where more aggressive environments may exist.

Our FRP / GRP range benefits from low electrical conductivity, so is typically suited to handrails and guardrails situated close to electrical installations including railways. Low thermal conductivity is also an integral feature, avoiding the tube and fittings from being “cold to the touch” in extreme temperatures. The Interclamp FRP / GRP range is fire resistant and has been tested in Great Britain and classified as BS 476: Part 7 : 1997 Class 2 by a UKAS accredited laboratory. For further information about the test or other specifications, please contact us.

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Interclamp® FRP / GRP 101 - Short TeeInterclamp® FRP / GRP 101 - Short Tee
£3.72 ex VAT, £4.46 inc VAT
0.27 kg£3.72£4.46
Interclamp® FRP / GRP F104 - Long TeeInterclamp® FRP / GRP F104 - Long Tee
£5.15 ex VAT, £6.18 inc VAT
0.35 kg£5.15£6.18
Interclamp® FRP FRP / GRP F116 - Corner (Middle Rail)Interclamp® FRP FRP / GRP F116 - Corner (Middle Rail)
£8.79 ex VAT, £10.55 inc VAT
0.65 kg£8.79£10.55
Interclamp® FRP / GRP F119 - Cross (Middle Rail)Interclamp® FRP / GRP F119 - Cross (Middle Rail)
£5.70 ex VAT, £6.84 inc VAT
0.39 kg£5.70£6.84
Interclamp® FRP / GRP F125Interclamp® FRP / GRP F125
£5.63 ex VAT, £6.76 inc VAT
0.4 kg£5.63£6.76
Interclamp® FRP / GRP F128Interclamp® FRP / GRP F128
£7.38 ex VAT, £8.86 inc VAT
0.0 kg£7.38£8.86
Interclamp® FRP / GRP F131 - Wall FlangeInterclamp® FRP / GRP F131 - Wall Flange
£7.01 ex VAT, £8.41 inc VAT
0.55 kg£7.01£8.41out of stock
Interclamp® FRP / GRP F145 - Wall FlangeInterclamp® FRP / GRP F145 - Wall Flange
£5.75 ex VAT, £6.90 inc VAT
0.43 kg£5.75£6.90
Interclamp® FRP / GRP F232 - Base FlangeInterclamp® FRP / GRP F232 - Base Flange
£6.30 ex VAT, £7.56 inc VAT
0.47 kg£6.30£7.56
Interclamp® FRP / GRP Tube - 5m LengthInterclamp® FRP / GRP Tube - 5m Length
£71.24 ex VAT, £85.49 inc VAT
6.75 kg£71.24£85.49
Interclamp® FRP / GRP FixingsInterclamp® FRP / GRP Fixings
£1.02 ex VAT, £1.22 inc VAT
0.01 kg£1.02£1.22
Griptite AdhesiveGriptite Adhesive
£5.00 ex VAT, £6.00 inc VAT
0.41 kg£5.00£6.00

Explore specialist FRP / GRP handrail tube and clamp fittings

If you’re looking for FRP and GRP tube and clamp fittings for handrails in demanding environments, The Metal Store has you covered. As a leading supplier of tube and clamp fittings, we offer a wide range of high-quality products, which are available to buy online. Once you’ve found the perfect materials for your job, we can have them delivered in 1-3 days with our fast delivery service.

FRP/GRP applications and functions

Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) or glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a lightweight and robust solution for application in industrial environments. The extremely hard-wearing, non-sparking material is resistant to impact, corrosion and chips, meaning it can be installed in demanding environments like water treatment facilities and other chemical processing plants.

The versatility of FRP / GRP, alongside its low electrical and thermal conductivity, make it perfect for handrailing and guardrailing in hazardous environments. Whether it’s alongside railway tracks or in extreme temperature laboratories, Interclamp FRP or GRP handrails are a safe, easily visible and robust solution.

Our range of FRP and GRP handrail products

Our comprehensive range of Interclamp FRP/GRP handrail tube and clamp fittings is available to buy online with Grade 316 stainless steel fasteners included to maintain the corrosion resistant properties.

From short and long tee joins through to 5m tube lengths, we have everything you need to build your entire handrail structure from FRP or GRP materials. Interclamp fittings are strong yet lightweight, which means they can be easily manoeuvred once on site.

Classified as BS 476: Part 7: 1997 Class 2 by a UKAS accredited laboratory, these fittings have been thoroughly tested for fire resistance to ensure they’re right for your project. Their low thermal conductivity also means they remain cold to the touch in extreme temperatures.

Quick and simple handrail installation

Although FRP and GRP frameworks are traditionally used in more complex and challenging atmospheres, their construction needn’t be so tough.

All FRP and GRP tube and clamp fittings come in size D50 to ensure they’re strong and robust. Tube and fittings are both sized to suit accordingly. With fixings included too, there’s no need for time-consuming tooling or welding.

Order today or find out more

Browse and buy from our complete range of Interclamp FRP and GRP handrail products online today. Both the fittings and tube can be with you on site in 1-3 days and there’s free delivery on all orders over £50 to England, Wales and Central Scotland or £160 to the Highlands.

If you’re looking for more information on Interclamp FRP and GRP handrail products, our friendly and experienced team can assist. Give them a call on 01274 875479 or drop an email through to [email protected].

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