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Adjustable Steel Builders Trestles

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Description Weight Price
(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Adjustable Steel Builders Trestles - Size 1 Adjustable Steel Builders Trestles - Size 1
£29.18 ex VAT
£35.02 inc VAT
6.8 kg £29.18 £35.02
Adjustable Steel Builders Trestles - Size 2 Adjustable Steel Builders Trestles - Size 2
£33.86 ex VAT
£40.63 inc VAT
8.4 kg £33.86 £40.63
Adjustable Steel Builders Trestles - Size 3 Adjustable Steel Builders Trestles - Size 3
£36.10 ex VAT
£43.32 inc VAT
9.3 kg £36.10 £43.32
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Leading UK suppliers of builders trestles

The Metal Store is a leading UK stockist of adjustable builders trestles. In our collection, you’ll find ready-to-use powder coated red trestles in 3 sizes. Designed to work with 4 standard timber scaffolding boards to assist reaching heights safely, our trestles are sold as single items so you can buy just the amount you require.

No matter what your project is, finding high-quality builders trestles has never been quicker or simpler. Browse and place your order online today to create the perfect, safe working platform.

Adjustable and hard-wearing premium builders trestles 

Manufactured from tubular steel and finished with a bright red powder coat, these trestles are lightweight, durable and easy to use with the adjustable height feature. The trestle adjustment pin is permanently secured with no need for loose wires or chains. Our builders trestles arrive flatpack with simple and fast assembly.

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Closed 572mm 730mm 1035mm
Hole 1 640mm 745mm 1065mm
Hole 2 805mm 895mm 1220mm
Hole 3 1048mm 1370mm
Hole 4 1200mm 1525mm
Hole 5 1680mm

Builders trestles technical information

Our builders trestles are manufactured to BS1139:Part 4:1982 (1990) and painted Epoxy Red.

Buy builders trestles from a reliable UK supplier

To learn more about our products or place an order, get in touch with our helpful team on 01274 875479 or send them an email at [email protected]. Or browse and purchase builders trestles on our website. With fast 1–2-day delivery, your order will be with you quickly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

What are adjustable builders trestles?

Adjustable builders trestles act as a supportive framework that help to create a safe working environment for project workers. By connecting four standard scaffold boards, they provide a stable platform for construction activities.
They consist of horizontal beams that are supported by frame legs, which can then be adjusted to suit different heights. Different trestles are suited for different projects. At The Metal Store, we offer three different sizes that are sold individually.

What is a safe working load for builders trestles?

In order to create a safe working platform, you will need to check the safe working load for your trestles and make sure that it is not exceeded. The safe working load will depend on your trestles and the working environment.

How do I adjust the height of a trestle?

Our adjustable trestles are easy to use, so you can set up the perfect environment. To adjust the height of a trestle all you need to do is use the pin and hole system. This will allow for precise height adjustments and can accommodate different working heights.

Can adjustable trestles be used on uneven ground?

Adjustable trestles can be used on uneven ground. This can be achieved by adjusting the legs, allowing for your work platform to remain level and stable, even on sloped or uneven surfaces.

How do I properly maintain builders trestles?

If you want to use your builders trestles on another project, you'll need to properly maintain them. Whilst steel is a sturdy and durable metal, you should always make sure to conduct regular inspections to ensure it is still in working order. This is especially true if your builders trestles are exposed to difficult weather conditions. Check for any signs of rust, wear, or corrosion.

How should I store builders trestles?

When not in use, you should store your builders trestles in a cool, dry environment. As with most construction products, you run the risk of damaging them if they are exposed to harsh sunlight or excessive moisture.

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