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Galvanised Tube supplied in 5 different diameters to work with our Tube Clamp range

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Galvanised Tube
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Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 1.05 metre length
£3.93 ex VAT, £4.72 inc VAT
1.61 kg£3.93£4.72
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 1.5 metre length
£5.61 ex VAT, £6.73 inc VAT
2.3 kg£5.61£6.73
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 2 metre length
£7.48 ex VAT, £8.98 inc VAT
3.07 kg£7.48£8.98
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 3 metre length
£11.22 ex VAT, £13.46 inc VAT
4.6 kg£11.22£13.46
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 6 metre length
£22.44 ex VAT, £26.93 inc VAT
9.2 kg£22.44£26.93
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm Bundle (127 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 26.9mm Bundle (127 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£2,849.88 ex VAT, £3,419.86 inc VAT
1246.63 kg£2,849.88£3,419.86
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.05 metre length
£5.68 ex VAT, £6.82 inc VAT
2.22 kg£5.68£6.82
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.5 metre length
£8.13 ex VAT, £9.76 inc VAT
3.18 kg£8.13£9.76
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 2 metre length
£10.84 ex VAT, £13.01 inc VAT
4.24 kg£10.84£13.01
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 3 metre length
£16.26 ex VAT, £19.51 inc VAT
6.36 kg£16.26£19.51
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 6 metre length
£32.52 ex VAT, £39.02 inc VAT
12.75 kg£32.52£39.02
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm Bundle (91 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 33.7mm Bundle (91 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£2,959.32 ex VAT, £3,551.18 inc VAT
1234.69 kg£2,959.32£3,551.18
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 1.05 metre length
£7.46 ex VAT, £8.95 inc VAT
2.85 kg£7.46£8.95
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 1.5 metre length
£10.65 ex VAT, £12.78 inc VAT
4.07 kg£10.65£12.78
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 2 metre length
£14.20 ex VAT, £17.04 inc VAT
5.42 kg£14.20£17.04
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 3 metre length
£21.30 ex VAT, £25.56 inc VAT
8.14 kg£21.30£25.56
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 6 metre length
£42.60 ex VAT, £51.12 inc VAT
16.27 kg£42.60£51.12
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm Bundle (61 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 42.4mm Bundle (61 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£2,598.60 ex VAT, £3,118.32 inc VAT
1058.76 kg£2,598.60£3,118.32
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 1.05 metre length
£8.48 ex VAT, £10.18 inc VAT
3.26 kg£8.48£10.18
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 1.5 metre length
£12.12 ex VAT, £14.54 inc VAT
4.65 kg£12.12£14.54
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 2 metre length
£16.16 ex VAT, £19.39 inc VAT
6.2 kg£16.16£19.39
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 3 metre length
£24.24 ex VAT, £29.09 inc VAT
9.3 kg£24.24£29.09
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 6 metre length
£48.48 ex VAT, £58.18 inc VAT
18.6 kg£48.48£58.18
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm Bundle (61 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 48.3mm Bundle (61 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£2,957.28 ex VAT, £3,548.74 inc VAT
1210.24 kg£2,957.28£3,548.74
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 1 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 1 metre length
£11.78 ex VAT, £14.14 inc VAT
5.31 kg£11.78£14.14
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 1.5 metre length
£17.67 ex VAT, £21.20 inc VAT
7.97 kg£17.67£21.20
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 2 metre length
£23.56 ex VAT, £28.27 inc VAT
10.62 kg£23.56£28.27
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 3 metre length
£35.34 ex VAT, £42.41 inc VAT
15.93 kg£35.34£42.41
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 6 metre length
£70.68 ex VAT, £84.82 inc VAT
31.86 kg£70.68£84.82
Zinc Galvanising Spray - 400ml can (you must be over 18 to buy this product)Zinc Galvanising Spray - 400ml can (you must be over 18 to buy this product)
£9.47 ex VAT, £11.36 inc VAT
0.47 kg£9.47£11.36

Your go-to suppliers for galvanised tube

The Metal Store makes it easy to order the galvanised tube you need. Choose from a range of sizes with free, unlimited cutting, then order online or by phone or email for 1-3 day delivery.

About our galvanised tube products

Particularly useful in the water, heating and gas trades, galvanised mild steel tube has a number of applications. The versatile tubing has also been used in everything from scaffolding through to coffee tables, thanks to the rise of industrial-style furniture.

Together with our tube clamp range, you can create a super tough and durable structure for use inside and outdoors. The tube itself is graded S235JRH to EN10255. That’s then galvanised to EN10240 / A.1 by hot dipping in zinc, toughening the tube against corrosion and weather damage.

Galvanised steel tube sizes

Our extensive range of galvanised tube is available in an assortment of sizes. Choose from 5 diameters:

  • External tube diameter 26.9mm - wall thickness 2.60mm - internal diameter 21.7mm
  • External tube diameter 33.7mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 27.2mm
  • External tube diameter 42.4mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 35.9mm
  • External tube diameter 48.3mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 41.8mm
  • External tube diameter 60.3mm - wall thickness 3.6mm - internal diameter 53.1mm

Each galvanised tube is available in 1.05m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, or 6m lengths. Our tubes are also available in full bundles for those larger projects. Each bundle contains 61 x 6.4m lengths of galvanised tube.

While there’s plenty of options available across our range, we also understand that every job is different. Which is why we also offer the opportunity to customise the size of your tube with our free unlimited cutting service. This applies whether you need your galvanised tube cut to several different lengths using our CNC machine, or you need a full bundle cut to a specific length using our bundle saw.

Talk to the go-to team

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are waiting to help with your galvanised steel tube needs. Give us a call on 01274 875479 or email [email protected], for more information.

Or if you’re ready to order and know exactly what you need, simply choose the sizes and buy online. Our fast 1-3 day delivery is free on orders over £70 for England, Wales and Central Scotland or £160 for the Highlands.

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