Rebar (Reinforcing Bar)
Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)

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The Metal Store is one of the leading online suppliers of rebar in the UK.

Rebar, the shortened name for reinforcement bar, is a high yield steel bar typically used for concrete reinforcement.

Because concrete has a weak tensile strength, which refers to the lower limit of stress that it can withstand when under tension before breaking, casting steel reinforcement bars within the concrete means that the tensile strength of the overall structure is strengthened.

In terms of appearance, rebar has visible indentations in the surface of the steel bar. These help the reinforcing bar to bind mechanically with the concrete when casted, reducing the risk of slippage. Alternatively, the rebar can be locked around the concrete and other rebar sections by being bent and hooked at the ends.

Our steel rebar range

The grade of our reinforcing bar is BS 4449: 2005. It comes in a range of diameters, from 8mm to 24mm, and can be purchased in standard lengths as follows:

3m Rebar (reinforcing bar)
6m Rebar (reinforcing bar)

Simply select the relevant length of reinforcing bar above and the various diameters will be presented to you in list format. We do also offer unlimited free cutting, see details below.

Buying rebar from The Metal Store

Our full range of reinforcing bars can be viewed and purchased easily online for either delivery or collection. You can also call our sales team on 01274 875479 or email us on [email protected]

We also offer an unlimited FREE cutting service across our full metal range, meaning we can cut your steel rebar to your exact requirements, saving you time and money.

Cut your rebar to size

To specify your size, simply select the most relevant standard size from the steel reinforcement bars we offer, add them to your basket, and once you’re ready to do so, proceed to our basket page. Here, you can add cutting instructions within the open text field provided, which will be automatically passed to our team.

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