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Description Weight Price
(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Trench Strut Size 0 (0.32m - 0.47m) Trench Strut Size 0 (0.32m - 0.47m)
£12.18 ex VAT
£14.62 inc VAT
4.0 kg £12.18 £14.62
Trench Strut Size 1 (0.49m - 0.73m) Trench Strut Size 1 (0.49m - 0.73m)
£16.64 ex VAT
£19.97 inc VAT
5.8 kg £16.64 £19.97
Trench Strut Size 2 (0.69m - 1.09m) Trench Strut Size 2 (0.69m - 1.09m)
£22.58 ex VAT
£27.10 inc VAT
7.7 kg £22.58 £27.10
Trench Strut Size 3 (1.03m - 1.73m) Trench Strut Size 3 (1.03m - 1.73m)
£27.64 ex VAT
£33.17 inc VAT
11.0 kg £27.64 £33.17
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Leading UK suppliers of adjustable steel trench struts

The Metal Store is a leading UK stockist of adjustable steel trench struts. Our adjustable steel trench struts are for use in trenching applications and are used horizontally as a means to secure trench sheeting in order to support the trench wall and prevent collapse.

In our collection, you’ll find ready-to-use trench struts in 4 sizes finished in a green powder coat. Finding high-quality trench struts has never been quicker or simpler. Browse and place your order online today.

Adjustable steel trench struts

Manufactured to the highest of standards in a quality-controlled environment that provides traceability all the way back to the raw materials. Our trench struts are manufactured with a heavy-duty design to provide maximum support when used horizontally.

Description Length Closed (m) Length Open (m) Weight
Size 0 0.32 0.47 4.00
Size 1 0.49 0.73 5.80
Size 2 0.69 1.09 7.70
Size 3 1.03 1.73 11.00

Adjustable steel trench strut technical information

The Metal Store supply a fully tested product that is independently tested in the UK. Our trench struts are finished in one coat, air dried and manufactured to BS4074:2000, and tested to British Standard BS5507-3:1982. The clawed plates measure 75mm x 75mm x 6mm. Safe working load: 3 tonnes, any size, any extension.

Buy adjustable steel trench struts from a reliable UK supplier

To learn more about our products or place an order, get in touch with our helpful team on 01274 875479 or send them an email at [email protected]. Or browse and purchase steel trench struts on our website. With fast 1–2-day delivery, your order will be with you quickly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

What are adjustable steel trench struts?

Adjustable trench struts are telescopic steel supports, designed to hold trench walls stable during construction projects. These supports can be adjusted to different lengths to fit the distance between trench walls. The real use of a trench strut is to ensure worker safety, by maintaining the structural integrity of the wall with a secure fit.

What safety precautions should be taken when using trench struts?

When using trench struts, you should always make sure they are within their load capacity and extension ranges. Regular inspections can ensure that they remain securely in place and that there is no damage to them over time.

How do I adjust the length of a trench strut?

You can adjust the length of a trench strut by rotating the inner tube until you reach the desired extension. Struts will have a pin or locking mechanism to secure this adjustment. You should always make sure that the strut is locked in place to prevent potential collapses and safety issues.

What is the general lifespan of an adjustable steel trench strut?

The general lifespan of an adjustable steel trench will depend on how it is used. Steel is a durable kind of metal, but there are external factors that can change how long it will last. Some of these include storage conditions, maintenance, load capacity and frequency of use.

What is a powder coating?

All of our adjustable trench struts are given a painted green finish. Powder coating is a tougher finish than conventional paint. It helps to safeguard a trench strut against extreme weather or general wear and tear.

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