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Scaffolding Board - 1.5ft Sole Pads Scaffolding Board - 1.5ft Sole Pads
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Buy scaffold sole pads from a trusted UK supplier

Using scaffold sole pads (also called sole boards and plates) is a practical and cost-effective way to distribute the imposed load of your scaffold frames on uneven or soft ground.

Simply place a sole pad under the feet of your scaffold structure as and when such support is required. This is typically when your scaffold is supported by soil or on non-structural paving such as block paving or tarmac.

Each of our sole boards is 18" (457mm) in length and 1.4" (36mm) thick.

Our timber scaffold board sole pads are available at incredibly low prices and available to buy online today with quick 1-3 delivery.

NOTE: These scaffold board sole pads are sold for this very purpose. If you are buying these for any other reason (e.g. a small shelf) and the overall finish is important, we wouldn't recommend buying sole pads for your project.

Frequently asked questions

What is a sole plate in scaffolding?

A sole plate, sometimes called a sill plate, is a horizontal board that distributes the load from scaffolding to the ground or other supporting structure. It’s placed under the base plates, or else directly under the standards. It provides a stable and level foundation for scaffolding structures.

What is the difference between base plate or sole plate in scaffolding?

A common question is how base plates and sole plates differ from one another. They both serve a similar purpose – adding to the structural stability of scaffolding – but they have slightly different uses. A base plate is a metal plate that is positioned under each standard to evenly distribute the load over a wide area. A sole plate is a timber, metal or high-density plastic board that spreads this load even further. You can think of a sole plate as an additional layer of structural support.

How thick is a sole plate?

The thickness of the sole plate on your scaffolding can differ, as it must be adjusted to the load it needs to support. At The Metal Store, we offer sole plates of 1.5ft, which are suitable for many scaffolding sections. You should always refer to local UK regulations and structural guidelines when determining how thick sole plates for your structure need to be.

Can sole plates be reused?

Sole plates can be reused if they are in good condition and have not been damaged or suffered any warping. It’s important to inspect each plate carefully before reuse, to make sure that it can be used to safely distribute the load of the scaffolding boards above it. The longevity of sole plates depends on the conditions they are exposed to and how well they are maintained.

How can I maintain my sole plates?

The key to reusable sole plates is regular inspection and maintenance. You should check for any cracks, warping or splits. Always make sure to store your sole plates in a dry area away from direct sunlight when not in use.

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