Copper and Brass
Copper and Brass

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Copper is a medium strength, non-magnetic metal. It has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as being malleable, ductile and corrosion resistant. Copper is easily recognisable by its pink-orange surface colour. Although when used in outdoor applications, copper develops a green coloured patina which protects it from further corrosion.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is recognisable by its bright yellow-gold appearance. It is harder than copper and has excellent corrosion resistance, although it does tarnish. Brass is used in many decorative applications where its gold like appearance is desired such as door knobs; for applications where low friction is required such as locks, bearings and gears; for plumbing and electrical applications and widely in the making of musical instruments due to its high durability and pleasant acoustic properties. Brass is also ideal for use in applications where flammable or explosive materials are present as it does not produce sparks.

We supply Copper Sheets and Brass Sheets, Brass Round Bar, Brass Square Bar, Brass Flat Bar and Brass Angle which are all available in different sizes and thickness.

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