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The Metal Store is committed to being the top choice for clients across the UK in need of scaffolding supplies. Whether you need specific dimensions, strengths or types of scaffolding fittings, our extensive online catalogue ensures you find exactly what you need for your project at affordable prices.

What is scaffolding used for?

Scaffolding plays a vital role in the building process, as well as in maintenance and renovation projects, offering the necessary structure and safety. It provides a secure platform for various tasks at height, offering stability, accessibility and safety for workers. But what makes scaffolding the go-to choice for professionals? It’s all about how much more accessible it makes projects.

Constructed with high-grade materials, our quality scaffolding systems are designed to be durable and resistant to the elements. We ensure that our products can be adapted for any project size or complexity, ensuring flexibility. Good scaffolding will meet rigorous standards, ensuring a reliable and safe workspace for you and your team.

Scaffolding systems are also designed to be simple to set up and pack down, saving valuable time on the job. Their modular design allows for easy adaptation and reconfiguration. This means they are suitable for a range of applications – from small residential repairs to large commercial construction projects.

Our range of scaffolding supplies

As a UK scaffolding equipment stockist, we supply almost everything you need for a functional workspace. We stock a range of scaffolding materials, including:

  • Scaffolding tube
  • Scaffolding fittings
  • Ladder gates
  • Scaffold boards
  • Scaffold board sole pads
  • Adjustable steel builders trestles
  • Adjustable steel acrow props
  • Adjustable scaffold base jacks
  • Scaffold netting
  • Scaffold stair tret
  • Adjustable steel trench struts
  • Scaffolding tools & spanners
  • Push/pull acrow props
  • Acrow prop u-heads
  • Gin wheel

Our customers can purchase each product from our online store, available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet their needs. When it comes to scaffolding tubes, our galvanised steel pipes are available in different lengths and thicknesses, ranging from 5ft to 21ft. Click on any of our high-quality products for more information.

Find scaffolding near you

Whether you’re located in London, Manchester or Glasgow, as dedicated suppliers, we can get scaffolding supplies to you! Cut out transport costs with The Metal Store, since we offer FREE UK shipping nationwide on all orders over £99 + VAT. You can expect quick delivery and we’ll keep in contact with you every step of the way.

Buy scaffolding tube from The Metal Store

We have an extensive range of scaffolding supplies & accessories that can be viewed and purchased online. To learn more about our entire range and competitive pricing, call our friendly staff on 01274875479 or email us at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Do you supply scaffolding tube?

Yes! At The Metal Store, we supply a variety of different-sized scaffold tubes to fit a range of projects that require scaffolding. Our scaffold pipes are created using quality sourced galvanised steel, perfect for heavy-duty construction projects.
We offer lengths and thicknesses from 5ft to 21ft and wall thicknesses in either 3.2mm or 4mm. This range of options allows you to design a scaffolding structure that will fit your unique requirements.

Can you cut scaffolding tube to size?

We also offer a FREE cutting service that extends across our full metal range. The idea is to help you get right to your project without any hassle along the way, saving you effort, time and money. We will cut unlimited lengths of any scaffolding tube you purchase with us.
Simply use the on-page cutting tool to select your desired specifications. You’ll only have to pay for exactly what you need, saving you from having to buy the full length if you don’t need it for your project.

What is the best material for scaffolding?

Scaffolding is commonly made from a few classic materials. You should note that the materials used in scaffolding depend on the part of the structure you are looking at.
We sell scaffolding tube that is made out of galvanised steel. This is a special type of steel that has been coated with a thin layer of zinc, providing a protective barrier against corrosion. This resilience to the elements is especially important when it comes to scaffolding, as structures are often placed outside.
Other materials used within quality scaffolding structures include pressed steel, drop forged steel, heavy-duty structural timber and heavy-duty plastic (for debris netting and covers).

Do you need training to use scaffolding?

Scaffolding is often created to access equipment and hard-to-reach parts of a construction project – for example, the roof of a building. Because of this, proper training is mandatory for anyone intending to use scaffolding. This ensures individuals understand the correct procedures for safe erecting, dismantling and working on scaffolding structures.

Can scaffolding be used in bad weather conditions?

One of the reasons we take such care in ensuring our scaffolding supplies & accessories are made from the right materials, is because of weather conditions. In the UK, weather can be unpredictable. That’s why our scaffolding supplies are made from resilient galvanised steel or other tough materials.
While scaffolding will withstand the elements, especially with regular maintenance checks, that doesn’t mean it’s always safe to work on. In especially bad weather conditions such as rain, snow or high winds – the risk of accidents will heighten.

What are the most important accessories for scaffolding?

Some of the most important scaffolding accessories include:
Gin wheel rope – this is a pulley device that attaches to scaffold fittings. It allows you to lift or lower heavy equipment and materials. It’s an important part of scaffolding that allows for the safe movement of materials.
Scaffold netting – debris netting is crucial for enhancing safety on construction sites. It allows you to catch falling debris, tools or materials to prevent them from causing injury or structural damage. Scaffold netting helps to protect project workers and members of the general public.
Scaffolding tools and spanners – these handy and specialised tools are designed to build or dismantle scaffolding. High quality spanners, ratchets and magnetic spirit levels are important to build scaffolding.

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