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Tube Clamp RangeSelf Colour 

A range of Self Colour Tube Clamps available in 33.7mm.

The clamps can be used with our Galvanised Tube to give a modern contemporary feel or with our Ungalvanised Mild Steel Tube to create a more industrial feel.

Click on the image of the clamp you are interested in and add the quantity of the product you require to your shopping cart.

Can't see the clamp you need above? Then simply email us on sales@themetalstore.co.uk with your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Need Galvanised Tube? Please click here

Prefer Ungalvanised Mild Steel Tube? Please click the following link.

33.7mm 'Black' Ungalvanised Mild Steel Tube

*Important: The products in this range are NOT suitable for outside use.