Galvanised Tube for Tube Clamp

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Galvanised Tube supplied in 5 different diameters to work with our Tube Clamp range.

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Welded Galvanised Steel Pipe according to EN 10255/10240/A1, Medium Series, Plain Ends.

Cutting can no longer added to lengths of galvanised tube in this section, which is for standard lengths only. If you wish to order cut to length galvanised tube, please go to the cut-to-length galvanised tubes section.

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Our galvanised mild steel Tube, also known as galvanised pipe, has been hot dip galvanised in a zinc coating which provides protection to the mild steel. The corrosion of zinc is much slower in comparison to mild steel which makes it more resistant to rusting than ordinary mild steel. Galvanised mild steel is therefore great for outdoor use as it can withstand the elements, giving it a longer life expectancy. The effectiveness of the zinc coating may decrease over time meaning rusting is inevitable due to exposure to the weather over a period of decades.

Galvanised mild steel Tube can be used to make furniture, frameworks and for general construction.

Tube measurements are as follows:

External tube diameter 26.9mm - wall thickness 2.60mm - internal diameter 21.7mm

External tube diameter 33.7mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 27.2mm

External tube diameter 42.4mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 35.9mm

External tube diameter 48.3mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 41.8mm

External tube diameter 60.3mm - wall thickness 3.60mm - internal diameter 53.1mm

The internal diameters shown are approximate and intended for general information purposes only. Tolerance on wall thickness can vary by +/- 10%.

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Same Day Shipping: We ship 99% of galvanised tube orders the same day providing the order is received by 12pm.

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Please note that the galvanised mild steel may have a small hole in either end which enables the tube to be dipped in the galvanising tank.

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