Galvanised Tube Size B 33.7mm diameter

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Galvanised Tube
£0.00 ex VAT, £0.00 inc VAT
0.00 kg £0.00 £0.00
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(Ex VAT)
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Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.05 metre length
£4.85 ex VAT, £5.82 inc VAT
2.61 kg£4.85£5.82
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.5 metre length
£6.93 ex VAT, £8.32 inc VAT
3.74 kg£6.93£8.32
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 2 metre length
£9.24 ex VAT, £11.09 inc VAT
4.98 kg£9.24£11.09
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 3 metre length
£13.86 ex VAT, £16.63 inc VAT
7.47 kg£13.86£16.63
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 6 metre length
£27.72 ex VAT, £33.26 inc VAT
14.94 kg£27.72£33.26
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm Bundle (91 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 33.7mm Bundle (91 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£2,522.90 ex VAT, £3,027.48 inc VAT
1382.0 kg£2,522.90£3,027.48

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Cutting can no longer added to lengths of galvanised tube in this section, which is for standard lengths only. If you wish to order cut to length galvanised tube, please go to the cut-to-length galvanised tubes section.

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