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 Short Tee - 101 

Short Tee - 101

90° butt joint, often used to join intermediate uprights to top rails and middle rails to end uprights on level sites. This cannot be used where through tube (horizontal in photo) has to be joined within the fitting.

The tubes are shown in blue for marketing purposes only, to show the detail on the clamps.

All our clamps are supplied complete with grub screws. Additional replacement screws can also be purchased click here

Please note that the galvanised tube we stock goes into the fittings by approximately 25mm to 30mm. This figure is for guidance only.

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Short Tee 26.9mm tube diameter - 101Short Tee 26.9mm tube diameter - 101
Was £1.18, Now £1.00 ex VAT, £1.20 inc VAT
0.2 kg41.0£1.18£1.00£1.20
Short Tee 33.7mm tube diameter - 101Short Tee 33.7mm tube diameter - 101
Was £1.38, Now £1.17 ex VAT, £1.40 inc VAT
0.32 kg46.0£1.38£1.17£1.40
Short Tee 42.4mm tube diameter - 101Short Tee 42.4mm tube diameter - 101
Was £1.88, Now £1.60 ex VAT, £1.92 inc VAT
0.48 kg60.0£1.88£1.60£1.92
Short Tee 48.3mm tube diameter - 101Short Tee 48.3mm tube diameter - 101
Was £2.58, Now £2.19 ex VAT, £2.63 inc VAT
0.55 kg68.0£2.58£2.19£2.63
Short Tee 60.3mm tube diameter - 101Short Tee 60.3mm tube diameter - 101
Was £4.01, Now £3.41 ex VAT, £4.09 inc VAT
0.91 kg84.0£4.01£3.41£4.09