Galvanised TubeFor Tube Clamp 

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Galvanised Tube to use with Tube Clamp in 5 different diameters

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Please note that our galvanised tube comes supplied with a 'silver' galvanised finish. The tubes on our tube clamp page are shown in blue for marketing purposes only, to show the detail on the clamps.

Please scroll the page to ensure you see the full list of products available
(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 1.05 metre length
£2.50 ex VAT, £3.00 inc VAT
1.66 kg£2.50£3.00
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 1.5 metre length
£3.57 ex VAT, £4.28 inc VAT
2.37 kg£3.57£4.28
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 2 metre length
£4.76 ex VAT, £5.71 inc VAT
3.16 kg£4.76£5.71
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 3 metre length
£7.14 ex VAT, £8.57 inc VAT
4.74 kg£7.14£8.57
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 4 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 4 metre length
£9.52 ex VAT, £11.42 inc VAT
6.32 kg£9.52£11.42
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 5 metre length
£11.90 ex VAT, £14.28 inc VAT
7.9 kg£11.90£14.28
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 26.9mm 6 metre length
£14.28 ex VAT, £17.14 inc VAT
9.48 kg£14.28£17.14
Galvanised Tube 26.9mm Bundle (127 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 26.9mm Bundle (127 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£1,716.10 ex VAT, £2,059.32 inc VAT
1224.0 kg£1,716.10£2,059.32
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.05 metre length
£3.53 ex VAT, £4.24 inc VAT
2.61 kg£3.53£4.24
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 1.5 metre length
£5.04 ex VAT, £6.05 inc VAT
3.74 kg£5.04£6.05
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 2 metre length
£6.72 ex VAT, £8.06 inc VAT
4.98 kg£6.72£8.06
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 3 metre length
£10.08 ex VAT, £12.10 inc VAT
7.47 kg£10.08£12.10
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 4 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 4 metre length
£13.44 ex VAT, £16.13 inc VAT
9.96 kg£13.44£16.13
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 5 metre length
£16.80 ex VAT, £20.16 inc VAT
12.45 kg£16.80£20.16
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 33.7mm 6 metre length
£20.16 ex VAT, £24.19 inc VAT
14.94 kg£20.16£24.19
Galvanised Tube 33.7mm Bundle (91 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 33.7mm Bundle (91 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£1,736.38 ex VAT, £2,083.66 inc VAT
1382.0 kg£1,736.38£2,083.66
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 1.05 metre length
£4.40 ex VAT, £5.28 inc VAT
3.37 kg£4.40£5.28
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 1.5 metre length
£6.29 ex VAT, £7.55 inc VAT
4.81 kg£6.29£7.55
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 2 metre length
£8.38 ex VAT, £10.06 inc VAT
6.42 kg£8.38£10.06
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 3 metre length
£12.57 ex VAT, £15.08 inc VAT
9.63 kg£12.57£15.08
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 4 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 4 metre length
£16.76 ex VAT, £20.11 inc VAT
12.84 kg£16.76£20.11
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 5 metre length
£20.95 ex VAT, £25.14 inc VAT
16.05 kg£20.95£25.14
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 42.4mm 6 metre length
£25.14 ex VAT, £30.17 inc VAT
19.26 kg£25.14£30.17
Galvanised Tube 42.4mm Bundle (61 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 42.4mm Bundle (61 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£1,483.54 ex VAT, £1,780.25 inc VAT
1194.0 kg£1,483.54£1,780.25
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 1.05 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 1.05 metre length
£4.60 ex VAT, £5.52 inc VAT
3.87 kg£4.60£5.52
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 1.5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 1.5 metre length
£6.57 ex VAT, £7.88 inc VAT
5.54 kg£6.57£7.88
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 2 metre length
£8.76 ex VAT, £10.51 inc VAT
7.38 kg£8.76£10.51
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 3 metre length
£13.14 ex VAT, £15.77 inc VAT
11.07 kg£13.14£15.77
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 4 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 4 metre length
£17.52 ex VAT, £21.02 inc VAT
14.76 kg£17.52£21.02
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 5 metre length
£21.90 ex VAT, £26.28 inc VAT
18.45 kg£21.90£26.28
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 48.3mm 6 metre length
£26.28 ex VAT, £31.54 inc VAT
22.14 kg£26.28£31.54
Galvanised Tube 48.3mm Bundle (61 Lengths at 6.4metres)Galvanised Tube 48.3mm Bundle (61 Lengths at 6.4metres)
£1,553.69 ex VAT, £1,864.43 inc VAT
1373.0 kg£1,553.69£1,864.43
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 1 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 1 metre length
£7.89 ex VAT, £9.47 inc VAT
5.36 kg£7.89£9.47
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 2 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 2 metre length
£15.78 ex VAT, £18.94 inc VAT
10.2 kg£15.78£18.94
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 3 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 3 metre length
£23.67 ex VAT, £28.40 inc VAT
15.3 kg£23.67£28.40
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 4 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 4 metre length
£31.56 ex VAT, £37.87 inc VAT
20.4 kg£31.56£37.87
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 5 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 5 metre length
£39.45 ex VAT, £47.34 inc VAT
25.5 kg£39.45£47.34
Galvanised Tube 60.3mm 6 metre lengthGalvanised Tube 60.3mm 6 metre length
£47.34 ex VAT, £56.81 inc VAT
30.6 kg£47.34£56.81

Galvanised Tube. Made from mild steel with a protective zinc coating making them resistant to rust - great for use outside. They come in 4 different diameters, 26.9mm, 33.7mm, 42.4mm and 48.3mm, ideal for use with our Tube Clamp Range. Available in various lengths which can also be cut to size.

Tube measurements are as follows:

External tube diameter 26.9mm - wall thickness 2.60mm - internal diameter 21.7mm
External tube diameter 33.7mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 27.2mm
External tube diameter 42.4mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 35.9mm
External tube diameter 48.3mm - wall thickness 3.25mm - internal diameter 41.8mm

Please note that the internal diameter is approximate and is intended for general information purposes only as the tolerence on the wall thickness can vary by +/- 10%.

Important: Same day shipping for tube clamp and galvanised tube. We ship 99% of orders the same day providing the order is received by 12pm.

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