Reducing Crossover - 161r Reducing Crossover - 161r

Reducing Crossover - 161r
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Designed to form a 90° crossover joint between two tubes of different sizes.

B34/A27 - to join a 33.7mm tube to a 26.9mm tube

C42/B34 - to join a 42.4mm tube to a 33.7mm tube

D48/B34 - to join a 48.3mm tube to a 33.7mm tube

D48/C42 - to join a 48.3mm tube to a 42.4mm tube

Important - these products are NOT for joining tube of the same size. To do this you will need a standard 161 fitting. Click here for this product.


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Reducing Crossover - B34/A27 161Reducing Crossover - B34/A27 161
£2.74 ex VAT, £3.29 inc VAT
0.28 kg36.0£2.74£3.29
Reducing Crossover - C42/B34 161Reducing Crossover - C42/B34 161
£3.14 ex VAT, £3.77 inc VAT
0.42 kg45.0£3.14£3.77
Reducing Crossover - D48/B34 161Reducing Crossover - D48/B34 161
£2.59 ex VAT, £3.11 inc VAT
0.45 kg48.0£2.59£3.11
Reducing Crossover - D48/C42 161Reducing Crossover - D48/C42 161
£3.63 ex VAT, £4.36 inc VAT
0.53 kg51.0£3.63£4.36
Reducing Crossover - E60/D48 161Reducing Crossover - E60/D48 161
£5.40 ex VAT, £6.48 inc VAT
0.75 kg60.0£5.40£6.48