Reducing Short Tee - 101r Reducing Short Tee - 101r

Reducing Short Tee - 101r
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Used to join tubes of unequal size on level sites. This clamp cannot be used where the through tube (horizontal in photo) has to be joined within the fitting.

In the product description the tube marked with a E in the above image is the first size tube (horizontal) and the tube marked with a F in the above image, is the second tube (vertical). For example: B34/C42 -  33.7 is the horizontal tube and 42.4 is the vertical tube. 

B34/C42 - to join a 33.7mm tube to a 42.4mm tube

C42/B34 - to join a 42.4mm tube to a 33.7mm tube

C42/D48 - to join a 42.4mm tube to a 48.3mm tube

D48/B34 - to join a 48.3mm tube to a 33.7mm tube

D48/C42 - to join a 48.3mm tube to a 42.4mm tube

Important - these products are NOT for joining tube of the same size. To do this you will need a standard 101 fitting. Click here for this product.

Please note that the galvanised tube we stock goes into the fittings by approximately 25mm to 30mm. This figure is for guidance only.

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Short Tee -  B34/C42 101 reducingShort Tee - B34/C42 101 reducing
£3.42 ex VAT, £4.10 inc VAT
0.45 kg56.034.042.0£3.42£4.10
Short Tee -  C42/B34 101 reducingShort Tee - C42/B34 101 reducing
£3.42 ex VAT, £4.10 inc VAT
0.39 kg57.042.034.0£3.42£4.10
Short Tee -  C42/D48 101 reducingShort Tee - C42/D48 101 reducing
£3.78 ex VAT, £4.54 inc VAT
0.61 kg68.042.048.0£3.78£4.54
Short Tee -  D48/B34 101 reducingShort Tee - D48/B34 101 reducing
£4.04 ex VAT, £4.85 inc VAT
0.46 kg64.048.034.0£4.04£4.85
Short Tee - D48/C42 101 reducingShort Tee - D48/C42 101 reducing
£3.78 ex VAT, £4.54 inc VAT
0.52 kg63.048.042.0£3.78£4.54
Short Tee -  E60/D48 101 reducingShort Tee - E60/D48 101 reducing
£7.44 ex VAT, £8.93 inc VAT
0.71 kg74.060.048.0£7.44£8.93