Stainless Steel Splashback304 grade  0.9mm thick  brushed finishSplashback

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Order your Bespoke Splashback using the splashback calculator.

Please note the price shown in the calculator includes free cutting.

We will not accept return of splashbacks as they are cut to your specification. Once cut we are unable to cancel the order even if it has not been dispatched. Terms & conditions apply.
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(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Stainless Steel Splashback 50cm x 50cmStainless Steel Splashback 50cm x 50cm
£12.10 ex VAT, £14.52 inc VAT
1.75 kg£12.10£14.52
Stainless Steel Splashback 50cm x 100cmStainless Steel Splashback 50cm x 100cm
£24.20 ex VAT, £29.04 inc VAT
3.5 kg£24.20£29.04
Stainless Steel Splashback 50cm x 125cmStainless Steel Splashback 50cm x 125cm
£30.25 ex VAT, £36.30 inc VAT
4.38 kg£30.25£36.30
Stainless Steel Splashback 60cm x 60cmStainless Steel Splashback 60cm x 60cm
£17.42 ex VAT, £20.90 inc VAT
2.52 kg£17.42£20.90
Stainless Steel Splashback 62cm x 62cmStainless Steel Splashback 62cm x 62cm
£18.60 ex VAT, £22.32 inc VAT
2.72 kg£18.60£22.32
Stainless Steel Splashback 62cm x 125cmStainless Steel Splashback 62cm x 125cm
£37.51 ex VAT, £45.01 inc VAT
5.48 kg£37.51£45.01
Stainless Steel Splashback 62cm x 250cmStainless Steel Splashback 62cm x 250cm
£75.02 ex VAT, £90.02 inc VAT
10.95 kg£75.02£90.02
Stainless Steel Splashback 100cm x 100cmStainless Steel Splashback 100cm x 100cm
£48.40 ex VAT, £58.08 inc VAT
7.07 kg£48.40£58.08
Stainless Steel Splashback 120cm x 60cmStainless Steel Splashback 120cm x 60cm
£34.85 ex VAT, £41.82 inc VAT
5.04 kg£34.85£41.82
Stainless Steel Splashback 125cm x 125cmStainless Steel Splashback 125cm x 125cm
£75.63 ex VAT, £90.76 inc VAT
10.9 kg£75.63£90.76
Stainless Steel Splashback 200cm x 50cmStainless Steel Splashback 200cm x 50cm
£48.40 ex VAT, £58.08 inc VAT
7.07 kg£48.40£58.08
Stainless Steel Splashback 200cm x 100cmStainless Steel Splashback 200cm x 100cm
£96.80 ex VAT, £116.16 inc VAT
14.0 kg£96.80£116.16

Please note that the pre-cut sheets in the above menu are only sold in the sizes shown and are not included in our cuttting service. If you need a specifice size please use the splasback calculator shown at the top of the page.

If you need adhesive, silicone or an applicator gun see splashback fixings.

Our Splashbacks are supplied in high quality brushed finish commercial 304 grade non-magnetic stainless steel, 0.9mm thick. They are flat steel and can be fixed directly to the wall with either glue or screws.

Please note that our splashbacks are not mounted on MDF.